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Guitar player from Geneva (Switzerland). Feel free to contact me.

Video:“A Little Girl Found” @ AMR aux Cropettes Jazz Festival 02/07/2017

Un petit souvenir du festival de l’AMR aux Cropettes, merci à tous d’être venus! Un concert entièrement composé de nouvelles chansons qu’on était heureux de partager avec vous. Prochain concert: 9 février 2018 au Chorus à Lausanne.

Stay Tuned!

A little souvenir from our concert at the AMR aux Cropettes Jazz festival! We were happy to share these new tunes for the first time.
Next gig; 9th of February 2018 @ Chorus Jazz Club in Lausanne.

Stay Tuned!

The next level

Thanks to all for coming to our concert at the Jazz-Sous-les-Etoiles festival in september, the band is definitely evolving in a very good way. Very happy to welcome some new musicians in the band with the arrival of François Christe on the drums, Blaise Hommage on the bass and Clément Meunier on the clarinet.

We are now taking some time to write and work on some new songs for the next CD, which we will record at some point in spring 2017. Stay tuned…


(photo: Tanya Yaretskaya)

Next concerts!

We are very proud to annonce our next concerts:

7th of May 2016, 21h30 @ the AMR in Geneva: Cd release party                        (http://www.amr-geneve.ch/performance?id=3385)
2nd of August 2016, 6 am! @ the Bain des Paquis: Festival Aubes Musicales (http://www.bains-des-paquis.ch/fr/evenements/)
17th of September 2016, 20h30 @ St-Luc: Festival Jazz-sous-les-Etoiles (http://jazzsouslesetoiles.com)

New Cd just released!

photo discs
We are very proud to present our first Cd with The Black Buoy Project!
We will have a release party/concert on the 7th of May at the Amr and will be playing at the fantastic Jazz-sous-les-Etoiles festival in September. More info coming soon!
To receive a copy contact us on our facebook page or website: https://theblackbuoyproject.com/ or on our bandcamp: https://theblackbuoyproject.bandcamp.com/album/the-black-buoy-project-live-at-labri-2015
Thanks to all who have contributed to this album:
Tom Brunt: 6 and 12 strings guitar, composition
Joanne Gaillard: voice
Nicola Orioli: clarinet
Nicolas Masson: tenor saxophone
Brooks Giger: doublebass
Sylvain Fournier: drums & percussion
Giacomo Grandi: cello
Recording, mix, mastering: Fabien Guerra
Produced by Tom Brunt
Graphic design: Nadzeya Makeyeva

Next date: 12/06/15

Merci à tous d’être venu à notre résidence à l’AMR, ça fait plaisir de voir autant de monde! Prochaine date: le 12 Juin 2015 pour un concert enregistré et filmé live à l’Abri à Genève (CH). A bientôt!


Thank you everyone for coming to our residency at the AMR, It’s great for us to play for such an audience! Next date: the 12th of June for a concert that wil be recorded and filmed live at the Abri in Geneva (CH). See you there!


the black buoy project (76)

AMR residency

poster lowres -Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer qu’on jouera en résidence à la Cave de l’AMR du 16 au 19 Février (http://www.amr-geneve.ch)

Entrée libre

-We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be playing every night from Monday 16th February to Thursday 19th February 2015 in the AMR (http://www.amr-geneve.ch)!

        free entry, see you there!